River Mountain Announces the Launch of Its New Lodging Experience for Millennials and Generation Z

River Mountain

River Mountain announces the launch of its new lodging experience designed especially for millennials and Generation Z. The next generation outpost combines modern accommodations with unparalleled access to nature, outdoor adventure, and wellness experiences. River Mountain is the ideal destination for remote workers, roadtrippers and staycationers longing for a mountain escape.

​​The new River Mountain lodging experience gives millennials and Generation Z a workspace to enjoy nature while social distancing. The next generation outpost combines modern working and sleeping accommodations with unparalleled access to nature, outdoor adventure, and wellness experiences. River Mountain is the ideal destination for remote workers, roadtrippers and staycationers longing for a mountain escape.

Spending time in nature is more important than ever right now, with the pandemic taking a toll on mental health:

  • 45 percent of adults in the United States reported that their mental health has been negatively impacted due to worry and stress over the virus.

  • Experiences in nature increase happiness, lower depression, and positively increase psychological well-being.

Working in Paradise

84 percent of millennials crave a better work-life balance. River Mountain delivers! The amenities of the office along with morning yoga, afternoon hikes and evening sunsets offer the perfect balance. Pricing makes it possible for millennials and those in Generation Z to use River Mountain as a second office away from the noise and hustle of the city to cultivate inspiration and improve productivity in a tranquil setting.

The pandemic has resulted in many people feeling lonely and missing human contact and social interactions. It does not help that 62 percent of employed Americans have reported working from home during the pandemic, a number that has doubled since mid-March. River Mountain makes it possible for millennials and Generation Z to work comfortably with the resources they need. Furthermore, they can work together while maintaining social distancing protocols. Amenities include: 

  • Individualized desks

  • Conference call space

  • Collaborative community areas

  • Private Call Areas

  • Wi-Fi and high-speed Internet

An Affordable Escape

Making the experience affordable and flexible is important to River Mountain. To that end, the company strives to provide an affordable outpost that guests can visit time and time again. Rates are lower than the average monthly rent a 28-year-old pays for an apartment in Washington, D.C.

The booking process is flexible. Guests pay for a pack of nights upfront and can select dates later. It is similar to using a punch-card. The process is extremely convenient and caters to guests’ timelines. River Mountain offers full refunds.

Time spent in the great outdoors has never been in higher demand than it is now. River Mountain is the ideal destination for weekend road trips and longer staycations. It is located a few hours from Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Pittsburgh. River Mountain offers the ideal place for millennials and Generation Z’ers to safely escape the city.

Modern Minimalist Luxury 

River Mountain gives millennials and Generation Z the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature while getting access to modern conveniences. Handcrafted by Amish artisans, the individual guest pods offer a comfortable, stylish stay. The pods are well-appointed to accommodate extended stay guests, remote workers or staycation adventurers.

Each pod features windows that open to the soothing sound of Sweet Root Creek, skylights for stargazing, custom shelving, computer desk space, secured lockers and ample space to stow extra-large luggage out of guests’ way. A curtain that extends across the entrance gives guests the privacy they need. River Mountain pods deliver modern minimalist luxury on a silver platter.

These accommodations, the first of their kind, follow biophilic architecture principles of inviting the outdoors inside. They are also oriented to align with the natural circadian rhythm of the body. Designed by award-winning architecture firm GWWO, they create the ultimate connection to nature for a truly restful night of slumber.

Stunning Natural Landscapes

River Mountain offers unparalleled access to nature and a variety of activities including stargazing and forest bathing on 30,000 acres of undeveloped natural land:

  • The property is situated on 145 acres with 90 percent of the border connected to public land - a massive complex of protected land block exceeding 150,000 acres

  • The property is bordered by the Mid-State Trail, named Pennsylvania’s 2019 Trail of the Year - as well as Sweet Root Creek, Buchanan State Forest, Tussey Mountain and Warrior Ridge

  • The springs, creeks, wetlands and riparian zones on the property are part of the ecologically rich Chesapeake Bay Watershed

  • 50 percent of the property is comprised of “excellent” grade, native and intact forest communities

A Customized Stay

It is River Mountain’s inclusive approach that truly sets the experience apart. Curated guides help guests cultivate their own experience with nature in a way that is most comfortable to them. There is no outdoor experience required! 

The trip guide tool allows guests to discover River Mountain’s offerings and customize their upcoming stay. From remote work to active adventures, the web-based tool gives guests a wealth of choices. It also makes them more comfortable with the idea of having a new experience during their stay. Providing detailed knowledge and personalized information helps outdoor novices overcome any hesitation or fear they may have.

About River Mountain

Time outside has positive impacts on mental health, creativity, and work productivity. Everyone feels better with their feet in the water and the sun on their face. So what if access to nature was combined with first-class work amenities? How much happier and more productive would we be? At River Mountain, we think a lot. River Mountain is the first-ever work play outpost. Personalized outdoors experiences for every level of adventurer combined with all the work amenities of your home or office. Minimalist luxury, stunning landscapes, thoughtful attention to work life, affordability, and hosts who get it. Learn more at rivermountain.org

Meghan Gruszynski, Co-Founder
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